Montevideo Uruguay 2015

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Public 3D Slicer Tutorial

Slicer tutorial
Slicer tutorial
  • Invitation to 3D Slicer Tutorial at Universidad de la República
  • December 15: general tutorial
    • Introduction to 3D Slicer: Motivation, main feature groups, extensions, community, use cases
    • Hands-on tutorial: slides
  • December 17: audience requests from previous day
    • 3D printing: Editor, Segmentations (import/export, conversions), Saving
    • Slicer python scripting and module development, slides
  • Participants: 9 participants from Montevideo, 2 with remote connection, 2 from the collaborating research lab


Working with SlicerIGT and the equipment
Working with SlicerIGT and the equipment

In the lab of Alvaro Gómez

  • Using MARG sensors (Phidget) via PLUS
  • Calibration of TRUS probe with NDI Polaris
  • Simultaneous tracking and acquisition using Phidget and Polaris
  • Volume reconstruction from acquired tracked frame list using Phidget and Polaris, compare two reconstructions