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Morphometry BIRN: Bi-weekly Meeting

Next Meeting:

   Thu Feb 03, 4pm EST
   Dial In: 800-861-4084
   Participant Code: 1040119 #
   (no VTC)


  1. Revise agenda for March Meeting at Miami (see draft for latest updates)
  2. Proposal to re-organize our group meetings
    • Core-specific meetings (once a month, to discuss core-specific issues)
    • Core integration meetings (once a month, open to all, but with the participation of A. Dale, S. Pieper, S. Murphy, D. Kennedy, R. Gollub, J. Jovicich)
    • Sub-group meetings from the various cores (for the working groups to organize)
  3. Status Reports from key areas:
  4. Feedback on use of Wiki pages welcome!

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