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Registration of abdomen.

Key Investigators

  • MGH: Greg Sharp, Marta Peroni
  • NA-MIC: Steve Pieper, Wendy Plesniak
  • BWH: Nicole Aucoin (fiducials), Katie Hayes (CTest)


The long term objective is to improve interactive tools for radiation therapy planning. Specifically, we would like to improve the reliability and usability of image registration and segmentation of critical organs.

Approach, Plan

Workshop goals

  • Complete the CLP interface between our in-house registration software (plastimatch) and slicer3
  • Get ideas how the user interface can be implemented
  • Learn how to interface with slicer3 fiducial and label maps for interactive deformable registration
  • Learn how CTest can be used for automated testing


Since last year

  • Plastimatch software released under open source software license (BSD-style).
  • The scaffolding code for slicer3 CLP is implemented, but not working because plastimatch doesn't read nrrd (yet).


Simple GUI for plastimatch
Registration output in Slicer
Conversion of DICOM RT structures


  • Working CLP program
  • Got fiducials from Slicer -- Wow!
  • Preliminary CTest interface
  • DicomRT contour conversion


  • Convert from CLP to scriptable or loadable module
  • Improved visualization of registration output
  • Improved interactivity of fiducials
  • Export of deformed contours to DicomRT


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