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NIREP application splash screen
NIREP program

Key Investigators

  • Gary Christensen, Iowa <> (NIREP PI)
  • Jeffrey Hawley <> (NIREP software developer)
  • Ying Wei <> (NIREP software developer)
  • Kate Rasing (NIREP software developer)
  • Julien Jomier, Kitware
  • Bill Hoffman
  • Sebastien Barre, Kitware
  • Jim Miller
  • Luis Ibanez, Kitware (image registration regression testing, Cpack, and ITK)


We have started the Non-rigid Image Registration Evaluation Project (NIREP) to develop software tools and provide shared image validation databases for rigorous testing of non-rigid image registration algorithms. NIREP will extend the scope of prior validation projects by developing evaluation criteria and metrics using large image populations, using richly annotated image databases, using computer simulated data, and increasing the number and types of evaluation criteria.

The goal of this project is to establish, maintain, and endorse a standardized set of relevant benchmarks and metrics for performance evaluation of nonrigid image registration algorithms. Furthermore, these standards will be incorporated into an exportable computer program to automatically evaluate the registration accuracy of nonrigid image registration algorithms.

Approach, Plan

We plan to do the following tasks to improve the NIREP software package: surfaces, etc. into a composite image.

  • Use CPack to package the NIREP program.
  • Setup and use a DART Dashboard at Iowa
  • Select a license for the software.
  • Redesign the Database Manager and investigate how database managers are implemented in other tools.
  • Learn about setting up data distribution via Xnat.
  • Learn about distributing tools with NSIS.
  • Learn the best way to break the VTK & ITK pipelines
  • Implement streaming of images in NIREP software
  • Learn how other tools combine images, landmarks, contours,

  • Investigate integration of wxWidgets with ITK and VTK.


  • CMake/CTest/CDash/CPack
    • Dashboard is installed on the server
    • Configured and uploading
    • Submitted CDash bug
    • Talked with Julien Jomier, Sebastien Barre, and Bill Hoffman about CDash/CTest/CMake/CPack issues & got the CMake/CTest written correctly, CPack/CDash working
  • XNAT
    • Talked with Hans about common XNAT server
    • Started installing on transform
    • Uploaded and organized NIREP initial evaluation database NA0 to XNAT central.
    • Talked with Mikhail and Tim about how to organize local files(NIREP database) in XNAT Deaktop(XND), store text metadata, and distribute to others.
    • Fixed certain problems with XNAT Desktop and XNAT central, and still need to ask Tim and Mikhail more to see how to better organize and upload database both local and website and if it can be more convenient.
  • Talked with Hans about breaking the pipelines and started implementation
  • Talked with Bill Hoffman and got NIREP packaged with CPack (which uses NSIS)
  • Talked with Steve Pieper about MRML and other methods used in Slicer that could help us with our Database Manager


This work was supported in part by NIH grants EB004126, CA096679 and HL64368.