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Key Investigators

  • Gary Christensen, Iowa
  • Paul Song, Iowa
  • Cheng Zhang, Iowa
  • Ying Wei, Iowa
  • Kate Raising, Iowa
  • Bill Hoffman
  • Will Schroeder, Kitware (license issues)
  • Jim Miller
  • Luis Ibanez, Kitware


To develop applications for image registration that can be distributed easily to other sites.

Approach, Plan

Our plan for the project week is to

  • Convert the SICLE image registration algorithm to use ITK.
  • Use CPack to package the sicle.exe program.
  • Setup and use a DART Dashboard at Iowa.
  • Select a license for software.
  • Compare and contrast the execution speed and memory requirements of the ITK sicle.exe with original lereg2.exe.
  • Investigate integration of wxWidgets with ITK and VTK.
  • Compare and contrast the performance of Kwwidgets and wxWidgets


  • Started taking apart our existing SICLE implementation and reorganizing classes. The code base is in need of renovation.
  • CDash has been set up.
  • Discussed licensing issues - need final decision.
  • Discussed performance issues involving porting our code to use ITK - particularly memory issues involved with strided images (complex conjugate symmetry).
  • Learned more about CMake and CPack.