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The purpose of CPack is to enable cross-platform packaging and distribution of software. Packaging software across multiple platforms has been a difficult, error prone and time consuming process. CPack is an adjunct component of CMake that addresses this issue. It uses the concept of generators from CMake, where a generator abstracts the platform specific packaging issues. It then produces native package distributions such as RPMs (Linux) and Windows installers. These distributions can then be directly disseminated to the NAMIC community.


CPack is a relatively young software tool whose development was initiated in the second year of NA-MIC funding. The third year saw several features added. This includes:

  • Deployment across the community including Slicer3 packaging.
  • Addition of new packaging generators including
    • Cygwin
    • BZip2
    • Old-style Unix compress
    • Special Mac OSC X11 generator
  • Provided improved support for non-CMake projects (i.e., projects not configured with CMake)
  • Enhancements to existing generators
    • Addressed issues related to Mac OSX generator

Key Investigators

  • Kitware: Andy Cedilnik, Bill Hoffman