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Dart2 and CTest are core elements (server and client, respectively) of NA-MIC's quality control system for software development. Here, we are extending NA-MIC's software testing and quality process to support advanced reporting and integration with software testing tools while simplifying the use and installation of NA-MIC's software quality tools.


(Note: DART2 has been replaced with CDash. We recommend that you use CDash as the testing server.)

Dart2 version 1.0.7 is now available to NA-MIC and the community at large. This version of Dart2 includes an embedded web server, embedded database, xmlrpc connections, plotting, sorting, notes, users, roles, messenging, notification, and 97 pages of documentation.

Dart2 has been extended to support MySQL, providing capabilities to enterprise Dart2 users.

CTest was updated to support features of Dart2 including XML-RPC submission, partial submision of results, hierarchical test submission. Several features were added to simplify testing of complex tools such as Slicer. CTest scripting was improved to provide flexible testing scenarios.

Dart2 features:

  • Single jar file with embedded servlet container, embedded database, xmlrpc connection, task management, events...
  • Documentation (97 page user/administration guide)
  • Hierarchical tests
  • Archival and aging of test results and submissions
  • Sortable tables
  • Plots of measurements over time
  • Email notifications
  • RSS feeds on recent submissions
  • Notes, coverage, dynamic analysis, style
  • Users/Roles
  • Events, tasks, messengers
  • Apache proxy configuration

Key Investigators

  • GE Research: Daniel Blezek, James Miller
  • Kitware: Andy Cedilnik