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  • Enable Slicer3 to execute work in a distributed grid environment
  • Enable NA-MIC algorithms to be tested in a distributed grid environment


  • Installed and updated grid infrastructure components: implemented configuration for Condor/Globus/GSI to allow NA-MIC and external users to access UCSD computational resources.
  • Defined Data Execution Model for Slicer3 - The purpose of this is to facilitate a "run-everywhere" philosophy for algorithm writers. If NAMIC adopts a standard for algorithm "self-description" that is followed when command line executables are written, Slicer, the grid, clusters, etc... should be able to use the executables directly in their environment.
  • Defined API for the Grid Interface - this API enables the configuration of available cluster resources and allows the running of algorithms on this distributed grid environment
  • First implementation of the Grid Wizard (GWiz) is now in testing for a select set of algorithms. A beta release is scheduled for the NAMIC 2007 Summer Programmer's Week. Additionaly, an initial integration with the Slicer3 environment has been accomplished (see image thumbnail)
Slicer3 Grid Integration

Key Investigators

  • UCSD BIRN-CC: Jeffrey Grethe, Marco Ruiz, Neil Jones
  • GE: Dan Belzek, Jim Miller
  • Isomics: Steve Pieper