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To develop and establish policies for, and examples of, acceptable software licenses to insure that users of the NA-MIC kit are free to distribute their derived works under any license suitable to their needs and consistent with the goals of the National Centers of Biomedical Computing.


After extensive discussion and review, NA-MIC developed a licensing policy for the components of the NA-MIC Software Kit. This policy assures developers who create derived works based on the NA-MIC Kit that they will have the flexibility to select the appropriate software license for that work. For example, this policy would permit academic users to distribute binary-only versions of software in advance of publication, or commercial users to incorporate parts of the NA-MIC Kit into their products.

NA-MIC continues to be a resource to the community for software licensing information. The NAMIC_Wiki:Community_Licensing page provides a well organized summary of license issues which has been favorably commented on by the community. Other groups from multiple sites (NCBC groups included) have contacted NA-MIC for advice and also adopted the Slicer license as a template. These groups include:

  • I2B2
  • XNAT
  • BIRN

Key Investigators

  • Isomics: Steve Pieper
  • Kitware: Luis Ibanez, Will Schroeder
  • GE: Bill Lorensen, Jim Miller
  • BWH:Ron Kikinis, Gordon Kindlmann