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Our objective is to create C++ API and XML representation of an extensible scene description language for medical imaging, including volumes, models, fiducials, and transformations.


  • Slicer3 MRML architecture has been created as a part of the overall Slicer3 architecture

  • A set of C++ MRML scene and node classes has been created. A complete MRML API documentation can be found in

Doxygen documentation for Slicer3.

  • A set of node classes representing medical image data types and their visualization has been created: MRML Nodes list
  • Implemented MRML Events and Observer mechanisms allowing the propagation of changes to MRML nodes and to the external observers: MRML Events and Observers
  • Implemented XML read/write mechanism for saving and restoring MRML scenes.
  • Created Scene Snapshot mechanism allowing for storing and restoring the desired scene states. Scene Snapshots are stored with scene XML files.

Key Investigators

Isomics: Yarmakovich, Pieper

BWH: Nicole Aucoin


  • The classes have been included in the Slicer3 Subversion repositories:

svn co Slicer3