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Our objective is to develop the next generation biomedical computing application platform using NA-MIC kit software technologies.


In the third year of the NAMIC project, the Slicer3 application was taken from concept to a full-featured application. Since the Slicer3 architecture supports plug-in modules, much of the development effort included developing modules, as well as the Slicer3 computing framework.

  • First Beta version of Slicer3 delivered at January 2007 NA-MIC All hands meeting.
    • Full range of Base functionality for Viewing, Loading/Saving of Models, Volumes, Transforms, Fiducials and other data types
    • Execution Model interface to enable Core1 developers to deploy novel algorithms to Core2
  • Second Beta version delivered April, 2007.
  • DTI extensions under development
  • Comprehensive tutorials under development
  • A variety of modules were created, ranging from simple image processing algorithms, to complex, multi-step segmentation procedures. In particular, the EM Segmenter module supports a complex work-flow GUI implemented using KWWidgets.

Key Investigators

  • Isomics: Steve Pieper, Alex Yarmarkovich
  • Kitware: Sebastien Barre, Andy Cedilnik
  • GE: Bill Lorensen, Jim Miller, Dan Blezek