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Our objective is to extend the power of Slicer3 by integrating the Teem libraries and command-line tools (e.g. "unu").


  • Teem has been under active development since 1998, and was partially funded by NAC, a collaborating project, in 2004-2006. The Teem training and dissemination efforts have leveraged the infrastructure setup by NA-MIC.
  • The NRRD file format (from Teem) is the basis of the NA-MIC DWI format.
  • A dashboard has been set up to monitor compiler warnings and errors on a range of operating systems, platforms and compilers.
  • Starting with Slicer 2.6, Teem is included and built with Slicer. Slicer can now link with the Teem libraries, and the command-line tools are accessible from Slicer's "tkcon" window.
  • 3x3 tensor eigensolutions in Slicer are now based on Teem.
  • A Slicer GUI was built around Teem's tractography method to permit detailed comparison and cross-validation with Slicer's existing tractography method.
  • The April 2006 Training Workshop at NIH included a section on using the "unu" and "tend" command-line tools to help import DWI and DTI into slicer.
  • Teem has been ported to the Slicer3 infrastructure and is being used as part of the Slicer3 DTI effort through the vtkTeem library, which support use of Teem I/O libraries (nrrd) and also numerical support for filtering, tractography, and analysis.

Key Investigators

  • BWH: Gordon Kindlmann, Steve Pieper, Raul San Jose