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To develop and disseminate learner oriented, tutorials and workshops that educate software developers and end-users about medical image analysis as they are being trained to use the NA-MIC toolkit.


We developped more than 650 training slides as part of 11 self-guided tutorials that include pre-processed, anonymized data sets. Our training compendium is available on the Slicer 101 web page that had over 12,7000 hits. More than 370 cliniciens and scientists from 52 universities and companies attended the series of 11 training workshops that we offered at local NA-MIC sites and national conferences. We presented a one-day Diffusion Weighted Imaging Analysis workshop at the National Library of Medicine as part of the dissemination events of the National Centers for Biomedical Computing 2006 All-Hands Meeting, that gathered intramural scientists representing 11 laboratories within the National Institutes of Health.

Key Investigators

  • Randy Gollub, MD-PhD (MGH)
  • Guido Gerig, PhD (UNC)
  • Martha Shenton, PhD (BWH)
  • Ross Whitaker, PhD (Utah)
  • Sonia Pujol, PhD (BWH)