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Brain Activation during Continuous Verbal Encoding and Recognition Task in Schizophrenia

This project employs an event-related auditory verbal episodic memory probe targeting medial temporal and DLPFC circuitry. The task uses a continuous performance format where concrete nouns are presented initially as new items. Words are then repeated after short or long intervals and the participant is required to make a new/old distinction. This design permits analysis of both encoding and recognition processes.


To date, data have been collected on 8 patients with schizophrenia and 5 healthy controls. Preliminary analysis on a subset of this data has been completed (see figure below). Sample data is available and more data will become available in year three.

Year Three Update

Data collection and analysis is ongoing. Updated results are expected at the end of year three.

Key Investigators

  • Dartmouth DBP 1: Andrew Saykin, Robert Roth, Laura Flashman, John West, Thomas McAllister
  • Harvard DBP 1: Martha Shenton
  • Harvard DBP 2: Marek Kubicki