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fMRI Analysis

Functional Activation Analysis

Mit fmri clustering parcellation2 xsub.png

fMRI clustering

In this project we study the application of model-based clustering algorithms in identification of functional connectivity in the brain. More...

New: AA. Venkataraman, K.R.A Van Dijk, R.L. Buckner, and P. Golland. Exploring functional connectivity in fMRI via clustering. In Proc. ICASSP: IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, 441-444, 2009.

New: D. Lashkari and P. Golland. Exploratory fMRI Analysis without Spatial Normalization. In Proc. IPMI: International Conference on Information Processing and Medical Imaging, LNCS 5636:398-410, 2009. Honorable Mention for the Erbsmann Award.

Epi correction small.jpg

Fieldmap-Free EPI Distortion Correction

In this project we aim to improve the EPI distortion correction algorithms More...

New: Poynton C., Jenkinson M., Wells III W. Atlas-Based Improved Prediction of Magnetic Field Inhomogeneity for Distortion Correction of EPI Data. MICCAI 2009.