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There will be a White matter lesion tutorial release event at SFN on November 15-19, 2008


This tutorial is offered by the National Alliance for Medical Image Computing (NA-MIC) in conjunction with the Mind Research Network. As part of the outreach missions of these NIH funded National Centers, we have developed an offering of free, open source software to enable research. The tutorial aims to introduce translational clinical scientist to the white matter lesion segmentation capabilities of the 3D Slicer software.

The details of this new end to end 3DSlicer tutorial for white matter lesions have been placed here.

To get more information stop by either the NITRC booth or the Mind Research Network booth at the conference for a flier. There will be hands on sessions hosted at the Mind Research Network booth each afternoon from 4pm-5pm EST. You may also contact Jeremy Bockholt via e-mail at to schedule a time during the conference that may work better for you. Finally, there will be a [poster] presenting some of this work on wednesday morning of the conference.

Target Audience

Neuroscientists who are interested in classifying white matter lesions in lupus

Elements of the tutorial

  • Loading and saving images
  • Tissue classification
  • Lesion classification
  • Lesion Localization
  • Lesion metrics

A Tour

  • How to get the public data using NA-MIC wiki and/or NITRC resource
  • Self Training resources on the web