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Please refer to the NRRD header spec to interpret these header files.

The NRRD headers here do not require any additional data processing or manipulation, and thus represent an alternative to the NRRD headers based on a MATLAB script

The tar files on BIRN for the DWI studies of six anonymous controls are:

  • NAMIC01dti-anon.tgz
  • NAMIC02dti-anon.tgz
  • NAMIC03dti-anon.tgz
  • NAMIC04dti-anon.tgz
  • NAMIC05dti-anon.tgz
  • NAMIC06dti-anon.tgz

Un-tarring each file (by tar xzvf) creates a dti-anon subdirectory (so these .tgz files should probably be placed in separate numbered directories).

The following NRRD headers are to be placed within the dti-anon subdirectories, since they refer to the "S" slice image files withn them. The position and orientation information in the NRRD headers was determined from the DICOM tags, and all the scan sequence-specific (b-value and gradients) was copied from the earlier MATLAB-based NRRD header.