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This page serves as a central point documenting the activities in Diffension Tensor Imaging Research within NAMIC.

ITK Data Structure for DT Pixels and Images

Given that the itk::Image class is templated over pixel type and dimension, we simply need to define a pixel type appropriate for representing Diffusion Tensor data. The following pages describe a possible implementation based on the guidelines provided in

Unified format for Input Output of DWI and DTI structured data:

Processing NA-MIC DTI

  • Instructions for working with Dartmouth DTI data in Slicer 2.5 Slicer:DTMRI.

File:DTMRI Tutorial Dartmouth Data.ppt

Scan Protocols

Each investigator site has optimized local DTI acquisition protocols that represent the "best practices" for prospective data collection (not always the same protocols used retrospecively, but enabled by new pulse sequences and advanced scanners)

Related Projects

The Morph BIRN is working to develop white matter atlas processing applications mBIRN DTI

Interactive Web-Based Atlas