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Requests, TODOs

  • [IGTL]Broadcasting (The Open IGT Link Library)
  • [Slicer]Fix problem in transform matrix

Project Week 2008 @ MIT


  • Junichi Tokuda
  • Haiying Liu


Open IGT Link -- new requirements

  • requirements for new software
    • BrainLab VVLink
    • Prostate
    • Neuro

Slicer 3 Open IGT Link Module -- What is next?

  • Outgoing data via MRML
  • GUI Interface Design
  • API Design to use OpenIGTLink module from other modules

New commands

Discussion page about new commands based on version 1 of OpenIGTLink. It is not decided yet, if (parts of) these commands are integrated to one of the next official interface versions.

Open questions

  1. What if the application receives hundreds of "position" packets?
    Should we have packet types?
    -keep only the last (position)
    - all important (command)
    - high priority (emergency)
  2. Priority
  3. Authentication (other than Unique Name) -- SSL
  4. Compression?
  5. Duplicate messages
  6. What about the check of the header ?? -- by Dr. Gregory Fischer @ WPI

Other Resources