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These are the notes from PW#27 Preparation Hangouts

Hangout #6: Dec 12

  • Discussion about Nicole's project - harmous interface to research software, FDA clearance discussion at PW
  • Breakout sessions - discussed and added these to the calendar

Hangout #5: Dec 5

  • Discussion and work session on github for project week organization
  • Usage
    • Everyone needs to create a github account
    • First edit should be done by forking the ProjectWeek repository and creating a pull request
    • Several people (Andras, Steve, Jc, Tina...) are administrators who will
      • Merge the pull request
      • Add the attendee to the collaborator list for the Project Week project so that future edits can be done directly without using pull rqeusts
    • Discussions about project week should happen on, not on github

Hangout #4: Nov 28

  • Discussion "Slicer solutions"
    • Nice because it supports different dissemination mechanism. See discourse discussion
    • Need to have a community, a gate keeper
    • Criteria (copied from discourse):
      • Provides service to an specific community (clinical/methodological)
      • Provides a processing pipeline from beginning to end
      • Has a support system: a dedicated PI/coordinator, a website, documentation/tutorials etc
    • Topic to discuss at project week:
      • Where to advertise "commercial" solutions ? It should be clear that is closed source
      • When/how to update list of solutions ?
      • Share story about building FDA approved app based on Slicer
      • Services to support Slicer custom
      • Streamline continuous integration
      • Improve landing page

Hangout #3: Nov 21

Hangout #2: November 14th, 2017

  • 10.00 AM Boston time
  • Topics:
    • New topics to be added to the project list
    • Analytics of traffic in and Discourse
    • Registration page to be done
    • Andras agreed to provide segmentation help
      • Tina wants to organize it
      • Participants will be asked to provide sharable test data and to post results / tutorial on discourse site

Hangout #1: November 7th, 2017

  • 10.00 AM Boston time
  • discussed overall theme of Project Week. After reviewing options VR/AR emerged as a common interest
    • recent experimental SlicerOpenVR could be demoed
    • other devices could be set up for experimentation
  • Discussed opportunity for people to bring their own data to get suggestions for segmentations