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Download the Pipeline installation module here:

A short introduction on the Pipeline can be found at LONIPipelineSummary.

For more information on downloading and using Pipeline, click on: Pipeline Download Page

Unix notes:

  • this should be able to be used on unix platforms (including mac os x). however, only the bash shell has been verified
  • this pipeline module assumes that the following commands are in your path- cvs, cmake, mkdir

Unix Usage:

  • Download and install Java
  • Download and install CMake
  • Download the pipeline application (see link above)
  • Download the pipeline module (see link above)
  • Create a target directory (TARGET_DIR) where you would like to install ITK, e.g. "~/namic"
  • Copy pipeline.jar into TARGET_DIR
  • Run "java -jar pipeline.jar"
  • Select Workflow->Load and load itkinstallpipeline.module
  • Right-click on each module, click on Edit Function
    • Change the paths of different executables (like cvs, cmake etc) to point to local executable-paths
  • Select Execution->Validation to make sure everything is fine
  • Select Execution->Run to run
  • Read a book (both the cvs checkout and compilation takes a while :)

What to Expect:

  • An "Insight" directory (lets call it ITK_INSTALL_DIR) is created inside the TARGET_DIR - example: /usr/local/ITK/Insight/
  • Pipeline will download Insight source and make files into ITK_INSTALL_DIR
  • Pipeline will then create a directory named "binary" (ITK_BINARY_DIR) in ITK_INSTALL_DIR - example: /usr/local/ITK/Insight/binary/
  • The Insight toolkit is built and all binary files are stored in ITK_BINARY_DIR
  • ITK_BINARY_DIR is a self-sufficient directory with all the executables and can be transported as an ITK executable package