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Harvard Data

  • Georgia Tech Group: We have downloaded the Harvard Structural Data (Brockton MRI raw and label maps data). We are currently using the data for shape analysis, Bayesian segmentation, and semi-automatic segmentation of Brain Area 46.
  • UNC Group: We have downloaded the caudate segmentations of the Harvard structural data and have applied our full shape analysis pipeline to these caudates. The results are currently being sent back to Core 3.
  • Utah Group: We are using the Harvard DTI data and the cingulum bundle label maps. We are applying the new DTI statistical methods to this data, including hypothesis tests of the normal control vs. schizophrenic groups.
  • MIT Group: We have been using the anatomical and the dti from harvard.
  • UNC Group: Read NRD DTI, feasibility tests of quantitative tractography

Dartmouth Data

  • MIT Group: After Andy Saykin's visit on the 22nd, we expect to also be looking at his data.
  • UNC Group: Decode DTI data (GE DICOM to volume), initiate discussion on NRRD format to encode Dartmouth DTI type, run DTI-checker tool to detect slice and motion artifacts
  • UNC Group: Shape Analysis of Healthy Control Hippocampi
  • MGH group: Optimizing non-rigid registration of DTI and structural images for structural connectivity project.

UCI Data

  • Georgia Tech Group: We have downloaded the UCI data and are looking at using the T1 MRI data for Bayesian segmentation

Toronto Data