Project Week 25/DICOM Segmentation Support for Cornerstone and OHIF Viewer

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Key Investigators

  • Erik Ziegler (Open Health Imaging Foundation, USA)
  • Steve Pieper (Isomics, Inc., USA)
  • Marco Nolden (German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Germany)
  • Tina Kapur (Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA)

Project Description

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps
  • Overall goal is to facilitate zero-footprint image annotation
    • Runs in browser
    • Fast and usable by clinicians
    • Interoperable (DICOM-based)
  • Cornerstone has great platform
    • Needs segmentation display
    • Needs suite of editing tools (plugin architecture)
    • Needs DICOM Segmentation object support
    • Needs DICOM Structured Report container for image measurements (lines, points, ROIs)
  • Review architectures and experiments so far
    • SAKE viewer tool (
    • Experiments with Segmentation read/write in javascript
    • Discussions and prototypes with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  • Try building an end-to-end proof of concept
    • Read grayscale and segmentation
    • Edit segmentation
    • Write out segmentation (store to server)
  • Discuss how to harden and integrate with production systems
  • What other work is needed
  • Progress
    • Added layered image support to Cornerstone master (version 0.12.1)
      • User-controls colormap, opacity, and visibility
    • Added layered image stack support to Cornerstone Tools (version 0.9.0)
    • Created dcmjs repository ( to release Steve's client-side DICOM I/O support
    • Created examples for DICOM Segmentation (binary only) display and creation from the browser
    • Discussed plans for client-side Structured Report export
  • Next Steps
  • Bug fixing for layer support in Cornerstone and Cornerstone Tools
  • Fix brush tool to store drawings on multiple images
  • Cleanup dcmjs examples to allow user-uploaded data
  • Cleanup dcmjs repository to release as a usable library
  • Use dcmjs for client-side sorting of uploaded files, link this to OHIF Standalone Viewer


OHIF Study List.png

OHIF Viewer Screenshot.png

Background and References

SIIM2017 Learning Lab introduction to Cornerstone / OHIF

OHIF Community Forum Slides


Work thus far on segmentations / overlays in Cornerstone


Exporting from Cornerstone and importing into Slicer
Importing into MITK