Project Week 25/Improving Depth Perception in Interventional Augmented Reality Visualization/Sonification

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Key Investigators

Project Description

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps
  • Disuss state of the art of "visual" AR for interventional radiology/surgery
  • Find and prototype appropriate auditory display methods for efficient depth perception feedback
  • Discover optimal mix between auditory and visual feedback methods for depth perception
  • Discussion about possibilties to support depth persception (visually and auditory)
  • Implementation of new depth cues
  • Enabled kinetic depth cues for Needle Navigation Software: direct control of scene camera movement with head position tracking
  • Sound connection could not be implemented during this week (had to rework parts the own code base first, took much time)
  • Started to implement head tracking -> need some different hardware
  • Next steps will further focus on head tracking and fusion with sonification
System setup.svg
Depth Cues for projective AR Needle Navigation.png
Depth Cues for projective AR Needle Navigation

Background and References

A Survey of Auditory Display in Image-Guided Interventions

Improving spatial perception of vascular models using supporting anchors and illustrative visualization