Project Week 25/Interfacing Slicer to Mobile Phone-controlled Sensors

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Key Investigators

Project Description

This capacity would be used to connect the medical imaging radiometers we are developing at IAC to measure natural radiation from the body surface and interior.

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps
  • Before Project Week:
    • Try to build IGTLink C++ library for android.
    • Try to build DICOM library for android.
  • During Project Week:
    • Uses Open IGTLink to connect android with Slicer3d in realtime. We need to build c++ library to use in android compiler.
    • Uses DICOM standard to send interesting images from android to DICOM server or 3D Slicer.
    • Uses a commercial infrared camera to send infrared images to Slicer using Open IGT Link and DICOM.
  • Progress
    • We've just built the OpenIGTLink library for Android using the QT environment
    • Stablished contacts to implement Slicer in the IAC working procedures
  • Next steps
    • Implement the OpenIGTLink library for Android using the Android Studio Environment
    • Using the infrared camera to capture images from the patiengs and sending them to slicer via the IGTLink



Background and References