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This will be an informal session that all project week participants that are interested in neuro-navigation should join. Just add your name to the participant list and show up at the session, optionally prepare 2-3 slides for introducing yourself to the group (tell about yourself, what you do in neuro-navigation, what your challenges are, what you plan to do). If you create slides then upload them to the wiki and add a link at your name.

  • Time: Tuesday 2pm-3pm.
  • Location: to be determined - it will be posted here.


If you do not have write access to the wiki then send your name (and slides) to Andras Lasso (

  1. Andras Lasso (PerkLab, Queen's) - intro slides
  2. Sara Fernández-Vidal (Brain & Spine Institute, Paris, France)
  3. Fernando Pérez-García (Brain & Spine Institute, Paris, France)
  4. Steve Pieper (Isomics, Inc.)