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Synthetical Diffusion Tensor Image.
Synthetical Q-Ball Image.
Glyph Logic Design.

Key Investigators

  • Odyssée, INRIA, France: Demian Wassermann, Rachid Deriche
  • LMI, Brigham & Womens Hospital, Harvard Medical School: Raul San Jose, CF Westin


We are developing a Sliced Multiple Layer Glyph visualization for Volume data that will allow us to seameless integrate DTI and Q-Ball visualization into Slicer3 among any other glyphed visualization schemes.

Approach, Plan

Our approach is to refactor the MRML sctructure for Diffusion Image representation and visualization. We will also modify the Logic and GUI packages of Slice3 in order to allow easy integration of new glyphed visualization schemes.

Our plan for the project is to end with a working prototype,...


The MRML refactoring has been done incorporating the vtkMRMLDiffusionImageVolume class and its associates, this enables us to represent Diffusion Tensor, Q-Ball and Diffusion Spectral and High Angular Resolution Images along with any other Diffusion Image representations.


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