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Slicer3 Dashboard.

Key Investigators

  • BWH: Katie Hayes, Steve Pieper
  • Kitware: Bill Hoffman


We will be revisting the CMake/CPack/CTest infrastructure, fixing bugs, and making feature requests.

  • Need to address uploading of nightly, snapshot, and release builds to website.
  • Look and feel of the download page needs to be revamped
  • CPack installers are much larger than needed (extra .h and .txx files are included)
  • Linux .sh versions of the installer are incompatible with ubuntu's version of sh
  • Ensure that a full set of machines are running nightly tests (and not failing).
    • It would be good to be able to identify the owner of a build machine -- can we add something that gives the username and ip/domain on the dashboard?

Approach, Plan

Our approach for updating and maintaining the Cx software will be to field requests from users, maintain a central list of user-reported bugs and feature requests, and assign them to the appropriate developers.

Our plan for the project week is to create a wiki page to centralize and track our bug reports and feature requests.


CMake, CPack, and CTest are currently being used with Slicer 2.x and Slicer3 across multiple platforms including Unix, Linux, Windows, and Mac.

New nightly builds on darwin-x86, darwin-ppc, linux-x86_64, and win32 platforms.

Ongoing work to address issue of large distribution tarballs and Ubuntu compatibility.

Worked on compile errors and warnings with project week participants.