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Elliot and Luis working hard on ITK and Slicer3

Key Investigators

  • MIT: Elliot Uvero
  • BWH: Lauren O'Donnell
  • Kitware: Luis Ibanez


Enable edge detection of images in Slicer3.

Approach, Plan

Create a Slicer3 CLP module for edge detection of images, using ITK filters.


A CLP module, Zero Crossing Based Edge Detection, has been developed in Slicer3. With the great help of Luis, the documentation and error checking of the ITK ZeroCrossingEdgeDetectionFilter were improved, and the concept checking was improved to make sure that the pixel type is float or double.

Conclusions and Findings

  • Concept checking should be set to ON in CMake when ITK is configured.
    • When off (default) there is no check that input/output image is the same type for the itkZeroCrossingEdgeDetectionFilter.
  • Currently the itkZeroCrossingEdgeDetectionFilter appears to function correctly with float and double input.
    • Short input produces different edge output.