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Storyboard for multiple view.
As implemented in Slicer3.

Key Investigators

  • GE: James Ross, Jim Miller
  • BWH: Wendy Plesniak
  • Isomics: Steve Pieper


Provide a multiview layout facility for 2D image viewers.

Approach, Plan

  • Use multiple renderers in a single render window
  • Modify reslice and compositing pipeline to generate N slices instead of one
  • Modify SWidgets to handle the additional renderer->render window coordinate frame
  • Modify SliceNode to store a layout (plus serialization)
  • Modify SliceControllerWidget to provide controls to set the layout


Great progress!

Still working on

  • Coordinate and image value readouts [done]
  • Slice spacing for tiles verses sliders/scrollwheel [done]
  • Fiducials [done]
  • Magnifier [done]
  • Active pane selector
  • Performance (could optimize for scrolling)
  • 3D display

Will need to coordinate with:

  • Geometry layers