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[[Image:Continuous-build.png|thumb|520px|getbuildtest based continuous build (See Slicer3:Testing)

Key Investigators

  • Steve Pieper, Luca Antiga, Jim Miller, Bill Hoffman, Brad Davis


Review Slicer3's CMake files to ensure things are being done "right"

Approach, Plan

This should be basically a quick design review meeting.

Specific goal is to implement the Luca's suggestions for improving vtkITK library.


  • Steve and Bill met to review the current getbuildtest and getbuildtest2 approach.
  • Bill is new "owner" of CPack
  • Specific near-term changes:
    • New notes sections for getbuildtest builds to identify the machine/user/os better
    • Changes to getbuildtest to support continuous builds (Brad)


slicer-devel email discussion of needed changes to vtkITK.