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Fractional Anisotrophy In the Uncinate Fasciculus

Our objectiv is to measure the FA in the uncinate fasciculus in patients with schizophrenia. This project is based on the methods published by Kubicki et al. and extends that work by including a bipolar disorder control group, and determining whether there is an association between FA and cognitive functioning and symptoms in the patient groups.


DTI data has been collected in 12 patients with schizophrenia, 15 healthy controls and 8 patients with bipolar disorder. Initial practice at identifying coronal slice of uncinate fasciculus completed (see figure below for example). Visit to Dartmouth by Dr. Kubicki to discuss methodology. A link to sample DTI data is available below.

Progress from AHM 2007

Training on fiber tractography in Slicer with Sylvain Bouix that we can apply to this project as well as investigation of other fibre tracts such as the cingulate bundle.

Key Investigators

  • Dartmouth DBP 1: Heather Pixley, Robert Roth, Laura Flashman, Andrew Saykin, John West
  • Harvard DBP 2: Marek Kubicki