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Fronto Temporal Connectivity in Schizophrenia during Semantic Memory

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In this project, an event-related auditory semantic memory task is administered. Participants are presented with a semantic category and required to decide whether a subsequent word is a member of the category (e.g., vehicle-bus). To control for phonological processing, other items require a match-mismatch decision between pseudo-words constructed from reordered semantic items (e.g., yodb-rea).

Progress To date, 6 patients with schizophrenia and 3 healthy controls have been studied with this task. Data will be available in year three.

Year Three Update

Data collection and analysis is ongoing. Updated results are expected at the end of year three.

Key Investigators

  • Dartmouth: Andrew Saykin, Robert Roth, Laura Flashman, John West, Thomas McAllister
  • Harvard: Martha Shenton, Marek Kubicki