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Registration Use-case Inventory

Tutorial Topics

  • the main components: transform, similarity function, optimization, interpolation
  • coordinate systems: physical vs. image space, RAS vs. LPI etc.
  • relevant image meta-data: image/axis orientation, image/CS origin, voxel size, dynamic range
  • overview of scenarios and their different challenges: image pairings, DOF, multi-modal, intra/inter-subject etc.
  • how to evaluate a match: tools & concepts
  • common mistakes to avoid: inappropriate DOF, overly flat similarity metric, CS inconsistencies, FOV discrepancies, wrong interpolation, insufficient search (sample points, multi-scale, DOF scale-space)
  • Troubleshooting guide: insufficient match - what next? Parameter modification, DOF change, initial alignment assist, fiducial help, ROI masking (e.g. skull stripping)
  • tutorials (tutorial sets) should provide a slicer snapshot for which operation is tested, so user can resort if incompatibilities/version issues arise.

Coordinate Systems / Image Orientation

Registration Evaluation