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This page will show you how to load and use the Registration Parameter Presets that come with the Library, and also how to save and exchange your own. When entering the parameters in a module, the last values entered are stored as part of the main Slicer Scene. Importing (not "Load") this scene file lets you save and load parameter presets. The Register Images module has a menu at the top that lists the available presets:

Select Presets via the modules' Parameter Sets menu

To load a new set from file, do the following:

1. Select File / Import Scene...

Load Presets via Import Scene.. menu

2. Navigate to and select the preset MRML scene file (must be a .mrml file).

3. Go to the Register Images module. Click on the Parameter set menu. You should now see the newly loaded presets added to the menu. Select the new menu entry to use.

Select Presets via the modules' Parameter Sets menu

To save your own presets, do the following:

1. Save your current state of work

2. Go to the Data Module and delete all nodes so that only the top Scene node remains.

Select Presets via the modules' Parameter Sets menu

3. Select File / Save...

Save Presets via File / Save.. menu

4. Choose your destination directory and change the scene and filename. Then click Save.

Rename Parameter Sets to distinguish them from regular scene files