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Case Inventory Brain

Case Inventory Non-Brain

Case Inventory Non-human

Self-validation Sets

These are datasets with artificial misalignment, i.e. the perfect alignment is known.

  • testing PET-CT-MRI on the Vanderbuild database: RIRE
  • Dual Echo PD/T2 intra subject different contrast self validation
  • Isotropic Brain SPGR T1 with single axis rotation
  • Parameter Sensitivity Analysis

First 10 cases (not in sequential order)

  • Brain intra-subject, same contrast T1, change detection follow-up: tumor growth
  • Brain MRI, intra-subject, same contrast PD&T2, change detection follow-up: new MS lesions
  • Brain MRI, intra-subject, different contrast, co-register all series of the same exam: T1 SPGR, FLAIR, T2
  • Brain MRI, intra-subject, DTI to reference, apply Xform to 25-direction DTI tensor
  • Brain MRI, intra-subject, example with clipped FOV, example of masking required
  • Brain MRI, inter-subject, co-register T1 SPGR to atlas dataset (ICBM). Resample a label map.
  • Liver intra-subject, pre-procedural MRI to intra-procedural CT
  • Prostate MRI, intra-subject
  • Knee inter-subject registration to initialize segmentation
  • PET to CT Whole Body single timepoint
  • Breast Cancer: feasible with affine focus?