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Two Images are far apart and do not overlap at all when viewed in Slicer

  • Problem: when you place one image in the background and another in the foreground, the one in the foreground will not be visible (entirely) when switching bak & forth
  • Explanation:Slicer chooses the field of view (FOV) for the display based on the image selected for the background. The FOV will therefore be centered around what is defined in that image's origin. If two images have origins that differ significantly, they cannot be viewed well simultaneously.
  • Fix: recenter one or both images as follows:
1. Go to the Volumes module,
2. Select the image to recenter from the Actrive Volume menu
3. Select the Info tab.
4. Click the Center Volume button. You will notice how the image origin numbers displayed above the button change. If you have the image selected as foreground or background, you may see it move to a new location.
5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the other image volumes
6. From the slice view menu, select Fit to Window
7. Images should now be roughly in the same space. Note that this re-centering is considered a change to the image volume, and Slicer will mark the image for saving next time you select Save.