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NA-MIC Publications

The following publications gratefully acknowledge the support of NA-MIC. Please see instructions on how to acknowledge NA-MIC in your publications.

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Harvard SPL Publications Database

NA-MIC publications are listed in the Harvard SPL Publications Database. Search the Harvard SPL Publications Database for NA-MIC-enabled publications.



Many NA-MIC publications are listed in Medline. Search Medline for NA-MIC-enabled publications.


The Insight Journal

NA-MIC Kit publications appear in the Insight Journal, an NLM supported effort to implement Open Science. Search The Insight Journal for NA-MIC enabled publications.

List of publications from other NCBCs

Search Medline for:

  1. CCB-enabled publications
  2. I2B2-enabled publications
  3. SIMBIOS-enabled publications
  4. NCIBI-enabled publications
  5. C2B2-enabled publications
  6. Bioontology-enabled publications