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Slicer 3 GUI panel

Isodose lines in Slicer 3

Image of gamma index in Slicer 3

Key Investigators

  • MGH: Nadya Shusharina, Greg Sharp


We are developing a tool for analyzing dose distributions. The goal is to be able to make quantitative evaluation of different dose distributions in association with RT structures of interest.

Approach, Plan

Our approach for analyzing dose distributions is to create multiple modes of dose difference quantification that complement each other. Simultaneous evaluation of isodoses, dose-difference and distance-to-agreemnet distributions will be used to determine dissimilarities of two dose images.


We created Plastimatch based command line module for Slicer3 titled "Dose comparison" that allows us to create and display isodoses, image dose-difference and distance-to-agreement distributions according to user's needs. Better representation of isodose labelmap is needed to be able to create overlaping isodose surfaces.

Delivery Mechanism

This work will be delivered to the NA-MIC Kit as a Extension -- commandline