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Resources for Collaborators

This page contains information for investigators who would like to collaborate with NAMIC.

Software, Data, and Tutorials

NA-MIC software, data, and tutorials are available at the following link: NA-MIC Downloads.

Software: NA-MIC kit

The NA-MIC Kit consists of all software that is being made available under the NA-MIC project. This software follows the NIH guidelines for open software development. In this section, we provide information about the components of the NA-MIC kit as well as supporting software tools that are being used by the software developers on the project.

Acknowledgment for NA-MIC Support

To acknowledge NA-MIC in your publications or software, please use the text provided here.

Mailing Lists

These are the mailing lists associated with NA-MIC. If you are a participant in the project, please make sure that you are signed up for all the mailing lists that apply to your role and interests in the projects. These lists are moderated and maintained by Kitware.

NIH Page

  • This page contains useful information provided by our NIH officers.

NAMIC Logos and Templates

  • This page contains links to files containing the NA-MIC logo and templates.

Active Job Openings


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