Rhesus EM Segmentation

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  • Use the EM segmentation algorithm in slicer to segment Rhesus images.


  • Results from 2007 Project Week
  • Followingup on a recommendation by Martin Syner, we have extended the algorithm from the project week to use a lobular parcellation map to automate the splitting of regions. We are calling this Lobulated EM Segmentation (LEMS). We are testing this method on a N=7 subject data set currently and a paper is in preparation.
  • LEMS was used to segment 7 subjects imaged in alcohol naive and post induction states. No significant changes in the GM-WM volume ratio was obseved.

MeanGmWmRatio.jpg IndGmWmRatio.jpg

Key Investigators:

  • Virginia Tech: Chris Wyatt, Vidya Rajagopalan
  • NAMIC: Kilian Pohl


  • A tutorial for EMSegment (in Slicer2.X) was developed for non-human primate data. The tutorial and the images are available here