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  • Brief introduction to how the wiki has been used in NAMIC (the Kikinis Center) for "extreme" organization, including the recent AHM.
  • Update team on the creation of the restricted access space for SDIWG discussions
  • Discuss the SDIWG:Roadmap_NCBC_SDI_Debrief_Plans and start editing it collabroratively

Attendees: Peter Lyster (NIGMS), Tina Kapur (NAMIC), Andy Cedilnik (NAMIC), John Haller (NIBIB), Shira Katseff (NHGRI), Michael Sherman (Simbios), Henry Chueh (I2B2), Ivo Dinov (CCB), Peter Good (NHGRI), Art Castle (NIDDK), Jennie Larkin (NHLBI), Mike Marron (NCRR), Terry Yoo (NLM)


  • Did a walkthrough of the NAMIC wiki, and experimented with creating/editing/linking pages.
  • Discussed how the wiki resolves simultaneous changes to the same page by different users. Andy and Tina to report back on whether individual pages can be locked when they are checked out for editing.
  • The roadmap document has been divided into individual sections for each of the centers. Each section will be edited by the center liasion in the next couple of weeks. The edited version will be made openly available on the wiki.
  • The plan is for this to be a monthly meeting, with Bill Lorensen as the moderator. The main idea for this meeting is to compare the different software strategies being adopted by the different centers, and to look for potential synergies.
  • Initial changes to the pages will be broadcast to the group by email by Peter and Tina. Andy and Tina will report back on whether the "watch" feature in the wiki can be used to automate this.