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Minutes (taking rotation, taken by Ivo 05/20/05 started at 11:30 AM PST)

  1. Peter introed all attendees needs edits, names, affiliations, etc., (Tina, Henry, Ivo, Sherm, ..., NIHers).
  2. When signing in Breeze we should use Name+Affiliation.
  3. "Briefly saw Peter's Inbox ...."
  4. July meeting meeting debrief: NCBC Evals and SDI - 07/07-08/05.
    1. Round table discussions (inlcude a link to the temp agenda). SDI formed at the Dec 08,04 meeting (background, link to this meeting notes)
    2. Then for the past 4 mo's we've help TCons regularly. Now we're back to NIH-Center discussions before we integrate again at the Conjoint meeting in July.
    3. Study section format - brief intro on night before and more formal intro and presentations on the Am on Fri 07/08/05.
    4. Issue about Common SW (software) repository - e.g., NIHForge, GForge, Savane, etc.
    5. NAMIC is having a programming focussed week (NAMIC link is: [1]). NCBC programmer-type reps are welcome to join this meeting, and we will also make a summary of this event available for the July 8th working group meeting.
    6. PL - NIH liaisons for the NCBC centers are asked wheather shere should be a section in the NAMIC SW devel meeting that these liaisons participate in?
    7. TK - Some details about the programming week activities: we hold weekly NAMIC Eng TCons with participants from NAMIC and CCB, and one of the requirements for the programming week is that attendees should show commitment - each project has set up a page on the wiki and that covers use-cases that come directly from the DBP. We're taking an active effort that the SW eng folks speak directly to at least one DBP person. Trying to group SW developers, algorithm designers and applied biocomp researchers.
    8. PL - how to alert folks of material available/updated online at WIKI resource pages. Possibly auto emails fired to inform folks of updates/upcoming events.
    9. PL - Went over the July Meeting agenda (URL goes here). Discussion points:
      1. Straw-man goals for the July conjoint meetings?
      2. SW Compatability and Community/Federated SW building infrastructure (e.g., NIHForge) - who builds/supports/maintains that effort (Peter?). SW Interoperability may be Separate from the SW Management System (SMS).
      3. SW License agreements are displayed in the directories for the four Centers
    10. Proposed meeting goals (URL)
      1. TK - Slicer+Pipeline (example of interoperability across the NCBCs). This should work even if each center keeps its own SW repositories.
      2. PL - HW, SW and Science Algorithms. So where SW resides is important, but there is a continium into the how it's utilized (runs).
      3. Common SW repositories may promote reuse and integration/interoperabilities and better HR management and team science workflow.
  5. Peter Covitz from the National Cancer Institute) presented a draft of the Interoperability Matrix. See URL ...
  6. PL - NCBC is a heterogeneous group and it'd be interesting to see how much of this general structure we can adopt.
  7. PL - Dashboard and SW licensing did not have time to be discussed. How can we end the meeting - perhaps edit the meeting minutes online and continue the dialog here!
  8. TK - Sociology - everyone can revise this and other docs on the Wiki. Posting questions is also appropriate.
  9. Ended 12:40PM PST

Agenda for July 8 SDI meeting.

  • The Eval session will take most of Thursday July 7, and the SDI will take place on Friday July 8 and finish at 3:30 PM.
  • Note: Could all members of the NIH SDIWG who intend to attend on July 8 please respond to this so I get a head count.
  • Finish discussion about caBIG Compatibility Guidelines. It would be good if you could take a look at the document in advance of the tcon---Peter Covitz of NCI will be on the line and can answer any of our questions:

  • I've had several requests for texts of license arrangements that the teams are using for NCBC software dissemination. I have requested that our liaisons put the texts on their respective Centers directory at the Wiki site. It might be interesting to view the NCI caBIG Data Sharing and Intellectual Property Capital including license template at