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On the phone: Mike Sherman, Ivo Dinov, Bill Lorensen, Karen Skinner, Arthur Castle, Jennie Larkin, Jennifer Couch, Peter Good, and Peter Lyster

Peter Lyster will place his edited notes from the July 8 SDI meeting on the SDIWG wiki and ask liaisons to redact/correct.

Peter Lyster asserts that Open Source = {Open availability, Open Development}

Peter Lyster states that Open availability is something like IATR

Jennie Larkin mentions the need for rating.

Bill Lorensen mentions that the insight journal has submissions and reviews (mostly dealing with open source image post processing in biology/biomedicine).

Announcement MICCAI2005 (8th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention) meeting on Oct 30 on Open Source Software click on ‘tutorials and workshops’.

Bill Lorensen mentions that the download site tucows has a (self?) rating system Jennie Larkin: Hears unanimous support for rating.

Mike Sherman says move beyond phone book, a la IATR, and perhaps include contacts and other …? Sourceforge/Gforge has a ratings system for developers. Mike shows us the rating system that is being developed at simbios (but you can’t rate yourself!) Mike asks the larger question: how do we capture real value? General comment. Having a list of software is not enough.

Ivo Dinov: Should it be centralized as opposed heterogeneous and dispersed? Another question is: should it be top down or bottom up—Ivo thinks bottom up is likely better with fewer enforced schema. Mike: Link to separate things difficult to get them to behave similarly. E.g., Amazon.

Jennie: A portal such as we are discussion may be difficult to navigate, and could have a lot of upkeep.

Ivo: Although we have similar requirements for bug reporting, feature tracking, and ranking, we have different organizational structures

Jennie: We are considering going beyond the phone book approach.

Bill: Is this a portal? That’s why we looked at Sherm’s site. NIH-forge could help outside users. Peter Lyster asks: is NIH-forge a superset of portal? Maybe. This is big P: IATR++ for NCBC.

Request for the next SDI tcon to be Sept 23 (which is fourth Friday, not our usual third Friday).