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  • Discussion of Yellow Pages->Software Knowledgebase->Collaborative Software Environment


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Peter Lyster (NIH), Michael Sherman (Stanford), Suzanne Churchill (BWH), Aris Floratos (Columbia), Bill Lorensen (GE--Note Taker), Daniel Rubin (Stanford), John Haller (NIH), Ivo Dinov(UCLA), Zach Kohane (I2B2), Henry Chueh (I2B2), Karen Skinner (NIH), Valentina Di Francesco (NIH), Carey (UMic)


Ivo debriefed the group on the Thursday t-con. He guided the group through the Wiki descriptions. He started with a high-level overview. Then covered the action items from the Thursday t-con. Ivo investigated the open directory project in more detail. He added more links to the minutes.

There is also a need to add more details for the bioinformatics communities.

Peter: What is Open Directory. What is the history?

Ivo: An open classification system. We are interested in science and software classification.

Bill: Open Yahoo??

Sherm: How do we separate the good from the bad? Just a collection of links and categories.

Ivo: They do have implict rankings. Based on revciewers opinions.

Daniel: Who are the curators?. Organize all of knowledge of WWW. NCBC has mnore detailed knowledge. NCBS's need to fleash out the details.

Ivo: Reviewers are only alloed to review areas of their expertise.

Zach: Is Open Directory an example or a vehical? What are the reprpesenations that will fit the big "P"? Challenge is what will be encoded. Each person will provide an ontology is their own form.

Sherm: We're really not ready. What kind of rating schemes we can support?

Zach: Separate our annotation (rating) from the hierarchy of objects. More software related. This is orthongonal to rating.

Sherm: We don't now what the categories are. What do we have?

Daniel: Matchmaking for software.

Zach: We need a focal point to show what the NCBC's have.

Ivo: We need to know what inter and intra center software is available.

Henry: Advocate of incrementalism. What is the content that each center has? Publish as an RSS feed? A NCBC RSS...

Sherm: What we have now is an unstructured list.

Ivo: Described IATR repository of David Kennedy.

Zach: Just do it if you can. It's not that much work.

Peter: We'll set up a page on the Wiki. There are 3 parts: Yellow pages, Knowledge base, NIH forge. Is this user focused or customer focused?

Action Item

  • Centers that wish should populate the Wiki with their structure by

December 8. Just a text description is fine--

  • Daniel Rubin will use this a a first cut to populate Protege