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Agenda: Software and Data Integration Working Group (SDIWG)

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Friday February 17, 2006: 2:30 -- 3:30 PM Eastern Time

Next SDIWG Friday March 17, 2:30 PM –- 3:30 PM ET: Pls contact Peter Lyster for information

Preliminary Agenda

  • The meeting was cancelled.

Action Items

The following email was circulated to the SDIWG liaisons: As you know, as a result of various SDIWG meetings and discussions, the value and importance of creating a resource inventory (often referred to as “Yellow Pages”) for each Center has been recognized, and several Centers already are doing so. Because we would like to make this as user friendly as possible, it would be good to achieve a consistent interface, where possible for these NCBC Yellow Pages. This will be a good substrate for our further development within the Centers and will help the outside community get to know us. To accomplish this, please consider using the IATR Yellow Pages as a template. Specifically, David Kennedy has developed a _process_ and _format_ for building a simple Yellow Pages and I hope that you can modify this and develop your own content. Here is the URL for IATR It is recommended that the SDIWG contacts discuss the process and format with David Kennedy and we can discuss this at the next SDIWG tcon/breeze on Friday 20060317.