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Agenda: NCBC Joint Working Group Meeting

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Friday, May 18, 2007: 2:30 -- 3:30 PM EST
Please contact Peter Lyster for information Peter Lyster
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TCon Agenda

  • Roll Call/Note-taker (Rubin) (5 min)


Note taker: (Daniel Rubin)

  1. Attending: Peter Lyster, Ivo Dinov, Aris Floratos, Arthus Castle, Zohara Cohen, Daniel Rubin, David States, Jeanette Schmidt, Karen Skinner, Mark Musen, Michael Montegut, Shawn Murphy, Terry Weymouth, Brian Athey, Will Schroeder, David Kennedy, Zak Kohane
  2. iTools and Ontology of Software Tools (Ivo Dinov)
    • We have populated iTools with the metadata for each of the NCBC tools. Right now, this presents a center-specific view of tools. This will be changed to display according to the software tools ontology.
    • At this point, each NCBC should review the software tool ontology to make sure they are happy with it.
    • Tools will appear in multiple places in the taxonomy
    • The current content of iTools has not yet been vetted. The content should be labeled "prototype" and representatives at each NCBC should review the current content.
    • Users can update the software tools metadata directly in iTools or send requests to Ivo
    • The iTools site has documentation and screen shots
  3. Scientific Ontologies (Zak Kohane)
    • The effort was inteneded to be pragmatic. Results of initial work is a spreadsheet that lists curated ontologies that are endorsed, used and critiqued, and those not quite ready for prime time.
    • Zak is writing a paper on this. People can contribute use cases.
    • Action items for everyone: review the spreadsheet and make sure you agree. Contribute use cases to Zak for the manuscript.
    • This effort isn't an "endorsement" activity. This is more akin to a "Consumer Reports" in which each ontology is described according to various criteria.
  4. DBP Interactions (Brian Athey)
    • Had recent meeting on March 16. Discussion was about how via a new web site and future meetings, we coud form parternships related to NCBCs.
    • We should set up a web site where people could find out which meetings people will be attending. We should be connecting at these meetings to work together.
    • Created a draft taxonomy of the DBPs. It's important to put a broad map of DBPs across all the NCBCs that would be available to reviewers. Will be posting an updated taxonomy of DBPs and invite all NCBCs to review this.
    • It would help researchers looking for collaborations if all DBPs could be found in a central place.
  5. Other issues
    • Upcoming review: The NCBCs will be reviewed in a whole in the upcoming review. We could use to post material at a high level shows the work NCBCs are doing--Highlights, bullets, powerpoints to show off the best of the NCBCs and of the whole program.
    • Suggestion was made to update the web site with this additional information. Emails to update the site should be Jim Cavicoli. Reps from each center should send any updated paragraph description of their center: Ivo for CCB, Daniel for NCBO, Jeanette for SIMBIOS, Brian and Will for NA-MIC, and Aris for MAGNET, and Zak for I2B2.


  • Note-taker: [Suggested order of note takers for future meetings: Rubin (this one); Jags; Dinov; Chueh; Sherman; Schroeder; Floratos]

Action Items