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The following is a high-level description of the Four activities that are needed to build the Biositemaps enabling technology. This is taken from an email thread between Daniel Rubin, Natasha Noy, Csongor Nyulas, and Peter Lyster 20080716. It has been brought up to date on 20080729.

Preamble: I think we need to describe the process for the consumption of (a) Biositemaps corpus (defined as the set of accessible biositemap.rdf files); (b) BRO infrastructure (defined as the Resource ontology (aka classification scheme) and the information model (IM)). The current BRO infrastructure can be viewed at In the case of (b) the consumption of BRO infrastructure is important for tasks such as accessing the classification scheme (some of these people may not care about Biositemaps, but have their own reasons for wanting a biomedical resource classification scheme), or validating a biosteimps.rdf file against the IM (e.g., iTools will want to do that). It is probably good for us to distinguish between consuming Biositemaps corpus and consuming BRO infrastructure. Therefore:

There are four activities that we are engaged in:

(i) BRO infrastructure authoring (both classification scheme and information model),

(ii) BRO infrastructure consumption

(iii) Biositemaps corpus consumption

(iv) Biositemaps corpus creation (or call it 'authoring').

Basically, the biositemaps tiger team are now doing (i), but we want to broaden those involved to the NCBC team. I think iTools and Biositemaps development team are mainly involved in (ii) and (iii), but this will be broadened in the future. Before the AHM, we will need to engage NCBC team in (iv).

In addition to the above four activities, I think we need to generate two web pages before the AHM. These pages should be put on the

1. Biositemaps developer pages. This has 'cheat sheets' to describe how to contribute to: BRO infrastucture authoring; BRO infrastructure consumption (currently this is important for iTools and other tools on the user web site currently being developed by NCBO); Biositemaps corpus consumption (currently this is only used by iTools, but we expect others later); and Biositemaps corpus creation (currently this is important for iTools and other tools on the user web site currently being developed by NCBO)

2. Biositemaps user pages. For now probably good enough to put pointer to iTools and Biositemaps development team Biositemaps corpus creation tools and also present a brief description of how to use the tool and place the resulting biositmap.rdf file on their web site (basically same as Google sitemaps site).