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This page contains Links to a Number of Biositemaps Search Engines

These search engines take advantage of the corpuse of biositemap.rdf files that are on the Internet. Thus information about biomedical resources (tools, data, software, material, and services) can be found.

Top page of the Biositemaps and Biomedical Resource Ontology (BRO) working group

Top page of NCBC Working Groups web site

Official site of the Biositemaps Project

Click here to use the basic Biositemaps Search tool which is the product of the National Center for Biomedical Computing (NCBC) working groups.

Click here to use iTools which is the product of the UCLA Center for Computational Biology (CCB) working with the NCBC working groups. This will allow you to visually browse tools according to their classifications, or to search keywords and other descriptors. Note there there are two kinds of views: (1) the visual Hyperbolic viewer, and (2) the more traditional hierarchical interface.

NCBC iTools Development Page: This is the main developers page for the iTools project, which is a visualization interface to enable query and browsing of the NCBC tools, and potentially access to a broad range of biomedical software tools.