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Target date for the code freeze is Monday. Feb. 27, 2012

Features and Responsibilities

  • Dicom widget: Steve
    • cget (done)
    • pop up reorganization (done)
    • Lollipop (implemented and available for testing)
  • Charts: Jim
    • Label statistics
  • compareviews and linking: Jim
  • VTK GPU raycaster: J2
  • View controller cosmetics: J2
  • Brainsfit cosmetics: Hans
  • Extensions: JC
    • Refine the mechanism to build/test/upload extensions.
    • Provide support to extension developers so that the following extensions are built:
      • ABC, SkullStripper, EMSegmenter, VMTK, Plastimatch, DVH/SlicerRt
  • Documentation: JC
    • Mechanism to easily "version" the documentation. (Easy creation of set of pages associated to release 4.1 from the pages prefixed with 4.0)
    • NiceToHave:
      • Offline documentation: Mobile skin for webkit rendering of the slicer wiki documentation pages
  • PythonQt: JC
    • Update CTK and Slicer to consider the contributed change to PythonQt
  • Annotation module bugs: drag and drop scrolling(resolved), deleting hierarchies(resolved), import(resolved), ruler (crash on scene load fixed by Jim's changes), crash on scene close(resolved) - Nicole
  • OpenIGTLink IF module: Junichi

Bug fixes targeted for this release

Sonia's reports on the DTI modules of the current Slicer4 release:

  • 'DicomToNrrdConverter' should be 'DICOM To NRRD Converter', and make the parameters of the Output sections visible on the GUI (assigned to Demian, done)
  • Editor memory leaks and performance issues (Steve)

Mantis issue tracking for Slicer 4.1 target

Follow this link.

Deferred to after 4.1 freeze

  • Fix for texture resolution: Alex
    • From Ron: for IGT need minimum 12Hz frame rate, maximum 200ms latency, preferred 30 hz frame rate and less than 100ms latency
  • Update screenshot to reflect all possible layouts bug 1662 - Nicole
  • storage nodes - Nicole
  • Is it realistic to try for SimpleITK in this release? (After discussion: no, needs more testing - aim for summer project week)
    • Yes, if somebody can help with ITK 4 on windows.
    • linux packaging issue:
      • (2) files are missing in the Slicer package.
    • linux discovering CLI:
      • (1) missing symbol on exit of CLI; in addition with a Qt bug, it fails to parse the CLI XML description
    • possibly other issues on window (needs testing)
      • (3) Building SWIG for SimpleITK is the problem.
    • need to try all the packaging platforms
      • packaging has never been tried on mac (J2 didn't try to compile on Mac neither)
      • packaging has never been tried on windows (because it doesn't compile)
Build Run Package
Type Windows Linux Mac Windows Linux Mac Windows Linux Mac
ITKv4 in Slicer ? ok ? ? no (1) ? ? no (2) ?
SimpleITK in Slicer no (3) ok ? ? no (1) ? ? no (2) ?
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